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Our Dedicated Team

Our Program Staff:

Currently, our recovery centre has Counsellors / Group Facilitators, Social Workers, and Psychotherapist available that work directly with all clients on a day to day basis, providing instruction in program materials, general support and one on one counselling. We are very fortunate to have such strong support for our centre. Each brings with them a unique perspective, varied education, skills and experiences. Together they provide a well-rounded team of expertize.

Additional supports may include Peer Counsellors, Student Counsellors, Recovery Coaches, and a Consulting Clinician that meet with clients by appointment.

We have several Volunteers and part time Addiction Support Workers (male and female) available to assist clients during their leisure time, during peer interaction and assist with life skills development and outings. These support workers assist the program team as each client discovers their individual path of recovery. Combined, our organization has many members with lived experience and almost 100 years of combined sobriety and Recovery.

Our Management Staff:

Prairie Sky Centre has a Chief Executive Officer, Executive Director, and Administrative Assistant. Together we manage the day to day operations of the centre. Additionally the administration provides assistance for the clients while in residence. This may include making outside appointments, providing canteen supplies, access to other professional services and family as needed and more. This is a small but very efficient and dedicated team.

Our Support Staff:

Similar in nature to the teams mentioned above, we have a dynamic team of staff members that provide housekeeping, meals and all kitchen operations, building and grounds maintenance. They are an integral part of our operations.

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