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Client Testimonials

Every person that walks through the doors of our centre becomes part of our story, and we become part of theirs. The following testimonials are from the clients we care for,the addicts we help, and also from the parents & family members that love them dearly and who support their sobriety long after they have left our retreat.

To the next resident of Room #10

Welcome, The fact you're here tells me that we have a lot in common. You are about to embark on a journey that will change your life. So if I have any advice its to be open, honest and willing. Every person you meet here has a valuable lesson just for you. I wish I could tell you its an easy journey but unfortunately I cannot. Nothing this good comes easy, but you are here and that's an incredible place to start, kudos to you. You are in good hands surrounded by support and truly compassionate and loving people. You're not broken, just badly bent. Take care of yourself and submit to this. You will not regret this amazing choice you have made. Here is a gift of hope that you can carry with you on your journey.

Much love and all the best.

The last resident of Room #10

How privileged are we to have center like Prairie Sky Recovery in rural Saskatchewan? Upon my willingness to understand my illness and the desire to heal my life, I attended PSR for a 5 week program in April/18 and my life has never been the same. It was here at PSR along with the supportive staff, counsellors and amazing friends going down the same path, that I was able to understand the disease of addiction and gain insight on mental wellness to start my road to recovery. I am grateful every day for the program that Prairie Sky Recovery offers. My life is full of hope, joy and love as I continue the journey of recovery with honesty, open-mindedness and willingness. I urge all those in need, to not waste one more day to find freedom and serenity in your life.

Rehab.ca, 12/10/2018

It changed my life! I am forever thankful for the Family Recovery program! Thank you Prairie Sky and thank you Johann! You answered any questions we had and were easy to connect with. I have never been happier.. my family is whole again.

Cristina D

The FAMILY RECOVERY PROGRAM is a powerful program for family members to get educated on the addicts experience as well as deal with your own emotions and reactions. It should be a must for anyone that wants to support their loved one with their recovery journey and provide them with the validation that they are not alone. You are beside them on this road 100% and trying to understand what to expect. The program gives you tools to become positively empowered handling situations that make healthy relationships. You learn this is a forever change that can lead to wonderful results. Thank you Prairie Sky Recovery and Johann. Good Job

Nancy M


I attended Prairie Sky in January of this year. Today marks one year since my last drink after roughly 25 years of addiction. I realize I'm still an alcoholic, but I finally have it under control, something a year ago I did not think was possible. Truthfully, I thought I would die drunk and alone. But in a large part thanks to the people at Prairie Sky, that's no longer my reality. I can't believe how good life can be without alcohol. I don't want this to sound like a testimonial although it kind of is and does. I just wanted to thank everyone at Prairie Sky for what you have done for me. I'm living a real life now in large part because of you. Thank-you all so much. Have a great day.

Terry S

To Prairie Sky Recovery Centre

My name is BC and I am so grateful for the opportunity to attend this program. I feel like I now know the direction my life is going. I was never given an opportunity nor did I want one as bad as I did before I came here. Everyone here has helped me in a special way that I will forever be grateful for

Sincerely BC

My boyfriend is the one who came to prairie sky's. Dropping him off as me and the kids left was one of the hardest things ever. Coming to visit every Sunday and leaving him behind week after week was so sad. But I started to notice something. Each week i came to visit there was more and more life to him. More smiles, a sense of calmness. What I seen happening to him was absolutely amazing. I never thought it to be possible. He's the same person but different. He's happy, calm, secure,proud, the guilt is gone. I've been with him 8 years and I've never seen him like this before. Prairie sky's not only saved a great person, it saved a whole family. It's only been a short time since he's been out but I can be thankful already for the changes that are taking place now. This place and the people in it are a miracle. Such great people here. Such a calming effect to the house. My boyfriend, me and the kids love this place and thank you From the bottom of our hearts. It feels like a home away from home.

Nikki V. Saskatchewan 2017

Prairie Sky helped me grow into the person I wanted to be, it helped understand my addiction. The staff there truly do care about you and are there to walk the road of recovery with you.Thank you for helping me get my life back

Denelle N. 2017

For all the staff at Prairie Sky Recovery.. an awesome team of support . A great place for people of addiction to really find themselves again and learn how to love themselves again and the friendships they gain are the truest they've known. I can only be thankful and grateful that this place was a place of "hope and a peaceful start to healing .. you've shown nothing but kindness and love for all the people who have graced your place of recovery...

Prairie Sky Recovery... you are the best of the best !

Shelley M. 2017

I will never forget the day I walked through the doors of place, no hope of ever getting better; this place gave me a better look at life an what life can be ; I recommend this place to anyone struggling with there demons of addiction, it sure is a place full of serenity and peace. My second home always will be. Love and miss all you

Taylor B. Saskatchewan

Just celebrated my one year, this place gave me me my life back and I can't say enough good things about this place

Cody G. 2016

My experience at Prairie Sky was nothing short of amazing! The building itself, the staff, the programming, the accomadations, and the food was next to perfect. I will break out everything piece by piece through-out this review. So where do we start, just so much to talk about! Why not stat with...

The Building:

When I first came here, as most adults entering treatment would be, I was extreamly nervous. But upon arrival I felt welcomed by the beautiful brickwork, the stellar glass art, buit most of all the re-purposing od a nuns convent/high-school. Walking through the welcoming stairway with its beautiful marble steps and oak handrails, I knew I was in the right place and that I have made a good choice in treatment facility. The original Ontario maple hardwwod floors refinished to there natural beauty, but still showing the well used potiena and characters of the manyfoot steps this building has handled was extreamly comforting to me.

The Staff:

The welcome I recieved when I got here was amazing, I knew I was at the right place. Upon learning that all the counselling staff here have all had addiction issuesin the past and holding at least 25 plus years of sobriety gave me the feeling of: One, thast soberiety is achieveable if your commited, and two that they actually know how your feeling when they say "I know how you feel". The atmosphere here is impossible to truly describe the best thing I cam think of is True and Absolute care and compassion. They will listen when you need an ear, and shoulder when you need on to cry on, a voice of reason when its necessary, and friend to joke around with when times are good. But most of allthey truely want to see you chance your life for the better, and to succed in your path to sobriety.

The Programming:

Where do I start? No where will you find a facility that offers the course work that they do here. Firstly the morning class that goes over the entire Twelve steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and/or Narcotics Anonymous. Having someone to guide you through and breakdown every single step into the most understandable way possible. Also creating that spiritual bond amd feedback that is required to complete a thorough Step 5 is somethingI can guarantee you wont find anywhere else. Then when the day brings us the afternoon, it also brings us Emotional Wellness. A program created in house by the request of a previous client that wanted to better understand his anxiety and depression. I can tell you for sure that it does that and more! It makes me understand the reasons for the emotions that I am feeling and why I feel them. That Anger is not anemotion but a reaction to the emotion of being fearful of something. By far the best part and for sure the reason I will succeed in sobriety and for that I am truly thankful.

The Accomidations:

The arrangments made here to make your 5 week stay(7 weeks in my case) here are nothing short of comfortable. Some single rooms, some double rooms, and even some triple rooms are amazing and cozy. From the supportive beds, to having your own personal clothes hanging rack, and personal dresser, mirror, and writing desk makes it as friendly and welcoming as a home away from home can be. The showers and bathrooms are kept stocked as as clean as can be. Kathy the housekeeping lady tries to keep this 20,000 square foot building as clean as her own home im sure, it never feels dirty or unsanitary. She does an amazing job.

The Food:

Home cooked Food! Thats definitely one of the many aspects to being a place you can call home for your stay however long it may be. Everything from your basic soup for lunch all the way to the most gourmet shrimp and steak for supper and everything in between. Your meals are always well rounded and definately hit the spot. Kirkland cooks during the week and Darlene cooks us some of the best food and baking, I can honestly say I have ever had. I did gain almost 30 pounds while here( but I was also 105lbs and clinging to life when I got here too). Im alwasy excited for the weekend when it comes meal time because Darlene takes no chance for your taste-buds to not go on over drive haha.

Closing Remarks:

My stay here was amazing! Laughed alot of laughs and cried alot of tears, but all in all I was glad I came to PSR beacuse I don't think I would of been just as successful anywhere but here. I can honestly say that I m really going to miss this place, I'm sure I will be a frequent visitor.

Ryan B, Regina SK, Feburary 2017

I came into this place like a lost little puppy. You guys saved my life! I am forever grateful! No words could ever show my gratefulness. I wouldn't change a thing. This place is full of wonderful people that like what they do! And you can't improve, don't fix what isn't broken. This place has been home for me for 7 weeks, and has changed me from a sick drug fiend alcoholic to a loving recovering addict, a husband, a father and son. will never forget you guys, you have a place in my heart.

Thank you, Adam B, April of 2015

I got what I came here for. What surprised me is the way I got it. I expected a harsh program from people that would be hard and critical of me. What I received is an excellent program from people that cared about me.

Archie, Saskatchewan 2015

10+ years of my life was filled with horror, the horror of watching both of my sons succumb to their addictions, mainly through the use of alcohol and drugs. They had both been in and out of government funded treatment centres, which offer short term treatment programs, however, in my opinion, these programs were simply not long enough to make much of a an impact. My biggest fear was losing one of them and close to 4 years ago, my fear came true when my oldest son died of an overdose. His loss was an awaking of sorts, as I finally faced the fact that my fears were beyond justification. I immediately sought professional help for my youngest son as I knew I could easily lose him as well. I listened and acted on all advice that was given, and the important one was getting him immediately to treatment. I could no longer rely on my own methods to try and control the situation as this situation was completely out of control. I heard about Leipzig and that they are known for their great success rate, and the facility is very affordable. I can't even begin to say enough good and positive things about the owner and the staff. This was 3.5 years ago and I am relieved to say he has been completely sober to this day. Leipzig gave him back a piece of his dignity, the tools, and the confidence to help battle his addictions. He is becoming the man he was meant to be, and he is an amazing and loving father. I have recommended Leipzig Serenity Retreat to many families who are going through watching someone they love, destroy their lives.

" Leipzig saved my sons life" A Healing Mom, Saskatoon

I just had another quick look at your website and noticed a few testimonials. I am sending a few lines in case you would like to add mine to your collection. As mentioned, I am doing just great! Still working on internalizing all that I have learned and achieved, thanks to you both! To follow is a brief summary of just that!…I had surrendered to the idea of seeking out help at the request of my children; ages 24, 20 and 18. It had become apparent to everyone concerned that my methods to win my battle over an addiction to alcohol - on my own, were not quite working for me. As my son and I arrived at the grounds of the Leipzig Serenity House to deliver me there, my words for him were … this will be the hardest thing I have EVER done.' My primary motivation to go for healing at the time was for my family, and a desire to heal for my own well-being came secondary as I was still in somewhat of a state of ‘denial'. Ironically, my stay there at Leipzig was ultimately the most worthwhile and rewarding undertaking I have ever experienced. Having entered the home with such apprehension, it was a relief to discover that I was in a very peaceful environment, among genuinely friendly and professional people. The staff, clients, and, particularly, the owners, are truly the very finest people I have ever had the privilege of sharing company with. Their personal and work-related experience/knowledge is extensive beyond words. Their understanding and sincere approach flows so naturally, and seemingly effortlessly due to a genuine desire to improve and enrich lives as they have for themselves. Upon leaving, I felt as though I had achieved more in that five week period than I could have ever imagined. I know of nothing more worthwhile than taking a length of time to focus oneself; with a view to healing, learning and developing the finer qualities and strength within us all

I shall be forever grateful! Sam

It's been over a year since we last spoke, so I thought I would take the opportunity to bring you up to speed on M.R. As I'm sure you remember, M.R. came to you on May 11, 2012, after a 4 day drive from Ontario, to begin the 5 week program starting May 14th. That was a tough time, for all of us, but we had a lot of confidence in both his resolve to find sobriety, and find himself, as well as what you and your team had to offer him at Leipzig.Well, it's been a real good year, and while we all continue to grow a little stronger every day, none of us more so than M.R. He has been gainfully employed in a full time capacity at the same auto body shop since he came back, he continues to live at home with his mother, sister and myself, he has distanced himself from a lot of the negative influences that were such a large part of his life, and has been in a meaningful relationship with a great girl for the last few months. We all celebrated his one year sobriety together with him last night, with his girlfriend, his sister & her fiancee, his Mom and I – and we continue to be so proud of his accomplishments every day!! Thank you and your team so much for helping him find his way, and although his sobriety is something that I'm sure he thinks about frequently (as do his mother and I), it seems to have become less and less difficult to manage it over time. We continue to be hopeful with what the future holds, for all of us!!

D.R, Parent

I cannot say enough good about this wonderful facility. Our family was so blessed to find the help we needed for our family member. The love and caring that they gave our brother was amazing and has made a wonderful difference in his life. Please if you or someone you know has an addiction problem please look into this facility they do nothing short of miracles.

Please help someone that needs help by sharing this with all your friends.

Norma S. 2017

We shall always stumble upon the problems in life. When this happens, we have two bridges to choose from. One is very sturdy with the downside of obstacles. The flip side is the other bridge which is very shitty with frayed ropes and cracked steps with the upside of seeming easier. As addicts and alcoholics we took the crappy bridge. Now rarely there are the very few who crossed this bridge with nothing less than scrapes and bruises. But others like us try crossing which we know is our insanity. We fell through the bridges cracks and once we hit the water we had yet another choice to sink or swim. Personally I was sinking until I realized death and pain is the only thing coming out of this decision. I tried to keep afloat, but I accepted the fact that I could not do that alone and needed help. I found a dock which did not have a ladder, all there was were two signs '12 Steps & 12 Traditions.' I learnt the steps and traditions fast and got some flippers to help swim the long swim to land. Keeping my head above water, avoiding currents that were trying to take me down. With the help of my Higher Power and support of others in this ocean of addiction.

Nolan For President - Nolan J

"I could not have asked for a better Serenity Retreat. The grounds are beautiful and huge. The staff are amazing and very helpful. My fives weeks went by so fast and the 12 Steps and 12 Traditions helped me through it. The clients were overall friendly and I made some kind of connection with all of them. the meditation was another fantastic addition to my stay. My favorite was the journey!Thank you . I appreciate all of what you have done for me! "

Thank you Ardyth, Gary, Jeni and Dan. I appreciate all of what you have done for me!


"Hello all,I know that our daughter is there this weekend, and I thought it was a good time to let you know how grateful we are to you for all you have done. I cannot express how much of a difference you made in her life, and in all of our lives & we are more proud of her than we can express. She and I talk often, and she now has goals, and her drivers license as well as a genuine smile on her face. I think you will notice a difference in her.She has been attending her meetings, and that's, I think, why she really wanted her driver's license before she moved back to the city next week.It is so wonderful to see her looking as if she is really looking forward to the future, really smiling, and although we have some way to go to ensure that our relationship is strong, that will come with counselling which will be easier once she is in the city again.You all do such wonderful work there, and I thank God for leading our daughter to you, and for the blessing of our daughter which I now feel we have back again.Many, many thanks to you all! ".

Two Grateful parents

"As I sit and reflect over the last 8 months and 8 days of my son's sobriety I can only thank you Ardyth for talking with me mother to mother on that crucial August Sunday in 2012. For 10 years our family had been torn apart with our son's drinking. Taking a deep breath I put my faith in god and you Ardyth. The very next day I dropped off my son at Leipzig Serenity and didn't know what to expect for results but each week I was kept posted as to the progress he was making. You and Gary were always there for me. I personally thank you. Our son completed the program and when I drove out to pick him up I was thankful to interact with Bruce, Larry and Coby about the journey my son had started with them. I am truly pleased to report our son has kept on his journey of sobriety since leaving Leipzig (278 Days and counting). Prior to Leipzig he was on a downward spiral with no end in sight but more importantly no future in sight, taking the family down with him. Broken relationships with his dad, sister, niece(6), nephew(4) friends and girlfriend are mending as each day of sobriety goes by. He has changed career paths and loves his work and continues to excel. He interacts with the family instead of isolating himself. Instead of dreading Christmas time we had wonderful family get togethers with our son included. Each day he works at being the fine young man "we"knew he was capable of being, with the difference being "HE"now believes in himself and sees a future for himself and is working steadfast toward it.."

One proud and hopeful parent, DK, Calgary AB

I got to Leipzig October 16th. That day would not leave this memory anytime soon, as this is the day the lies ended and the truth began to grow and heal. I remember telling my mom how terrified I was, and she told me, ' I feel you should be more scared of not going and what will happen then if you go to Leipzig' that could not be closer to the truth. I felt so alone and scared, but soon after a week of classes and sharing and just thawing out emotionally I realized this was the best thing I did for myself in a loooong time. I arrived completely broken emotionally and slowly over five weeks rebuilt me.

The staff is amazingly supportive and is like a close knit family. I am soooo grateful that Ardyth and Gary had a dream and their dream came true. From the moment I got dropped off both were so very welcoming and even though not many words were shared there was an air of peace and like I was in the right place at the right time and I was safe. To feel this after days/ weeks and months of waking up and wanting to die was in itself a reward within the first few hours. Ardyth has soo many words of wisdom to share and is quietly running everything in the background, making sure the cog of the ticking clock of Leipzig keeps running. Ardyth has got that kind of personality that makes it ok to be who you are around her. The word mom comes to mind when I think about Ardyth. Gary is such a soft guy at heart and his smiles force a smile even if you are having a bad day. He shares from his heart and with truth. He makes you feel like there is hope and that with time things can and will get better. My councilors Bruce, Jon and Brandon provided a very safe environment in which to open up and share the things I needed to share, learn how to be a better person with a solid understanding of the 12 steps. This program is really based on experience and strength and hope. The clients are wonderful as well, you truly become part of a group and mini family, it was amazing to watch the changes in peers as well, to see how people grown into truly beautiful souls with hope and new wings to fly. Even the Cleaner is an amazing person willing to listen and offers words of encouragement, and puts a smile on your face. The food is amazing and home cooked; meal time is like sitting down to a big family dinner with laughter, and camaraderie.

Finally, the grounds are breath taking beautiful. I went for walks in the morning and just learned to enjoy the little things like the sunrise, peace and quiet, fresh crisp air. The building itself cries of character and history. There is enough room to feel like you have your own space if needed where you can reflect and work on your 12 steps.

Thank you so much Leipzig Serenity Retreat for giving me back to my true self, my family and friends. I have peace of mind now, I am learning to love myself, I can enjoy life day by day and do not dread waking up. As it was said many times throughout my stay; I am now living life and no longer just existing.

Janelle, SK

Leipzig Serenity Retreat - the name implies exactly what it was for me. Serenity for my mind, body and soul. Retreat from the life I had been living for the last 40 years. Through Leipzig I have been given a new chance at life. With the lessons and examples of the counsellors, I have a new pair of eyes and ears and a new attitude to live my life with. No guarantees. Today as I finish my program I am more optimistic than ever before. Life is good.

Andy, Ontario

Holy, I would have to say right up there with one of the best months I've had. My life was/has not been boring by any means. The last 15 yrs were a roller coaster and the last while a poor roller coaster ride!Some awesome times, some not so good — pictures, prints and seizures dampening my view.I confess I have a new view, but its still up to me. But this place sure made a big difference as to what I'll be doing with my spare time!

Craig, Saskatchewan

Leipzig Serenity Retreatgave me hope and faith that I might experience a better life.

A Grateful Alcoholic, Saskatoon, SK

" Leipzig and it's staff have brought me back to life. I am eternally grateful for the tools and support systems I have developed and received. Thank you for existing."

A grateful client, Sk. 2015

Just had another quick look at your website and noticed a few testimonials. I am sending a few lines in case you would like to add mine to your collection. As mentioned, I'm doing just great! Still working on internalizing all that I have learned and achieved, thanks to you both! To follow is a brief summary of just that!...

I had surrendered to the idea of seeking out help at the request of my children; ages 24, 20 and 18. It had become apparent to everyone concerned that my methods to win my battle over an addiction to alcohol -- on my own, were not quite working for me. As my son and I arrived at the grounds of the Leipzig Serenity House to deliver me there, my words for him were "... this will be the hardest thing I have EVER done.". My primary motivation to go for healing at the time was for my family, and a desire to heal for my own well-being came secondary as I was still in somewhat of a state of "denial".

Ironically, my stay there at Leipzig was ultimately the most worthwhile and rewarding undertaking I have ever experienced. Having entered the home with such apprehension, it was a relief to discover that I was in a very peaceful environment, among genuinely friendly and professional people. The staff, clients, and, particularly, the owners, are truly the very finest people I have ever had the privilege of sharing company with. Their personal and work-related experience/knowledge is extensive beyond words. Their understanding and sincere approach flows so naturally, and seemingly effortlessly due to a genuine desire to improve and enrich lives as they have for themselves. Upon leaving, I felt as though I had achieved more in that five week period than I could have ever imagined. I know of nothing more worthwhile than taking a length of time to focus one's self; with a view to healing, learning and developing the finer qualities and strength within us all.

To Ardyth, Dan and Gary; thank you for sharing your wisdom and support. I shall be forever grateful!


I look upon the day that we took our son to Leipzig as consisting of a series of dominoes falling one after the other, with the last one being our arrival at Leipzig. It was also really the first domino in a new pattern, a new life path for my son and our family. One that now has some hope, happiness and peace in it. It is still a work in progress and may always be so, but it is now a path that holds promise.

Within hours of learning of Leipzig's presence we arrived on the doorstep and were made to feel welcome. We had no qualms about leaving our son there. It just looked and felt like a safe place, a place that could help our son with the decision he'd just made. It was the kind of place he was looking for too – a place that was warm, inviting and homey, had people who were respectful and caring to him, and staff who he quickly trusted and thought highly of.

As the weeks passed I started noticing differences in our son. Even though it was still tough to have conversations with him, they weren't as hard as before. The counselling and support he was part of led him to face and deal with his issues, and my attendance at Al-Anon meetings back home helped me to learn about myself and develop new ways of communicating with my son. He started looking and sounding a lot healthier and seemed to be more aware of life around him. I look upon Leipzig as helping him to develop a hope of a life without drugs and the tools to do it. Putting the tools to use daily was up to him. Leipzig appeared in our son's life when he truly needed it and was ready to accept what it had to offer him.

It has been almost two months since he's come back home. Things have gotten better. It's not a steady uphill climb as there are glitches that come up. But the big difference I see is that our son has the confidence and tools to deal with a glitch one day or even one moment at a time. He goes to NA meetings most nights. I pray that he continues to do that, but acknowledge that there's not much I can do about it. Our relationship as mother and son has continued to improve. He will now talk with me on a personal level and will give me hugs as well as accept hugs from me. We continue to develop trust with each other. These little steps mean so much to me and I believe they mean a lot to him. These are all things that we didn't have before he went to Leipzig.

Thank you so very much for helping our son and being there when we needed you.


My name is Jason H and I am 35 years old. I completed the 5 week program this morning and flying home to my family in Kitchener, Ontario as I write this. I am in the best spiritual, mental and physical shape of my life and I know that by continuing to do the work with the program, it will only get stronger. Marrying my wife and having our two little girls was the best thing that ever happened to me. Going to Leipzig is the best journey I have ever been on. I have been given a gift and Ardyth, Gary and Bruce -- You gave me wings. You see, I have a life now... I do not just exist.

There will be a special place in my heart for you folks and Leipzig for the rest of my journey (life)

Thank you so much for helping me find, well.....ME!

Jason H

I can not believe that 5 weeks have gone by already. It went by so quick and I am sad that leaving the place I have been calling home. But I am so excited to go home and use the tools I have been given to continue my road to recovery. Coming here, I really got the opportunity to find myself and learnt what true happiness is. I found a second family who showed me what true friends are, people who actually care and show it. I feel so lucky to have the group I was put with. It was definitely meant to be. We all bonded so quickly, and I could tell them anything, and know I was not going to get judged. When I would have a shitty day, they knew, and someone was always there to pick me back up, if not just one, all of them were there. The memories I made here I will never forget. All of the laughs we had, OMG, I laughed more in this 5 weeks than I did in my 7 years of using. I never thought I had it in me to come this far. But with the help of everybody in this place, I did make it. I never want to go through this again, losing 17lbs during detox, sliding down the stairs on my butt, and going up I had to sit down every couple steps because I was so weak. But within a few weeks I was running up and down the stairs. It feels amazing to not be controlled by a drug anymore.

Tara, 22 yrs old,Ontario

When I came to Leipzig my life was no longer my own. I was suicidal, my marriage was over, and I had not worked for quite awhile. I came to Leipzig to stay. And stay I did. Ardyth, Dan, and Gary saved my life. They gave me a home when I needed it, hugs when I felt empty, and love where there was none. When I arrived I was a 9 year old in a 50 year old body, and I had no idea how to be responsible.

Leipzig is a world of magic and hope. I came here broken and finished with life. The people here took me under their wings and showed me how to fly as a sober and mature person fit to be reintroduced into society. I cried many, many tears and had feelings that I never knew I had. The best part of the freeing of my soul was that I had guidance and love to show me how to deal with the feelings that came up. I was shown with gentleness and love how to be a grown-up and how to think on my own, and to have consideration for others. I thank my Higher Power for directing me here and I thank Ardyth, Dan and Gary for letting me stay as long as I needed. This is the place to come to, it is love, it is caring and a sense of family and as an alcoholic these are the things that were missing from my life.

Deb D, AB

Being at the Leipzig Serenity Retreat has been a lifetime experience for me. I came here very afraid and hesitant of what I would expect from this place. I was in the middle of nowhere, nowhere to hide or escape if I needed to. I realized that I had to make this work or I would sabotage the rest of my life and my familys lives. I accepted the fact that I had to change myself and my attitude for me to stay sober. I came to the conclusion that I was powerless over alcohol and my life had become unmanageable. I had finally admitted it. From there I had to ask for help from others and my Greater Power. The Greater Power was the hardest to accept for myself. Each day I would open that closed door a little further until I found what I was looking for. I found prayer, meditation, acceptance, freedom, forgiveness, sobriety, inner peace, faith and hope. By following the 12 Steps and going to A.A. Meetings, I also found the support, wisdom, happiness, courage, strength and love. I know I have changed alot, but I still have alot more to work on. I will work hard on my Journey in Recovery!

Being here and sharing with off of you is like having my own little family. We all looked forward to our morning meetings; that was worth every moment to sit and listen to each other. Now I have lots of enjoyable memories to take back home with me.

Ardyth, Dan, Jeni and Gary: I thank you with all my heart for the kindness and support you have given me in this short period of time. Your dedication will help many others that need the guidance, love and support, so they may experience the joy of becoming a Better person on the Road to Recovery! You are all an inspiration to me! You are my true friends! I will miss you ALL.

Cindy, Sk

If you are willing, Leipzig Serenity Retreat can provide you the hope to heal your suffering and the tools to become clean and sober. Consider this: 'Do I want to stop fighting?'

I knew I was powerless over alcohol and that my life had become unmanageable. This scary realization is what brought me to Leipzig Serenity Retreat. My obsession with alcohol could not be beat by any means. I have a family who loves me, I tried AA, addictions counsellors and an outpatient program. These were not enough.

The staff at Leipzig offered acceptance and complete understanding. I received excellent counsel on the 12 Step Program. Each step was broken down and studied in depth. We received classes based on moral characteristics. These sessions were significant in helping me learn about my motives in all that I do within the disease of alcoholism and in recovery. The treatment program demanded effort and work on my part. The staff at Leipzigprovided constructive feedback and support in my endeavours towards a life of sobriety. Living sober takes work.

Meditation, massage and ionic cleansing were additional features at Leipzig. It is amongst these sessions that I learned to relax and find peace. Meditation techniques were taught by a professional. It is through meditation that my spiritual journey began. Prior to this experience I had not considered spirituality or ever welcomed it into my life.

Most importantly, the staff at Leipzig present a powerful example of the genuine joy of living in sobriety one day at a time. The staff is devoted to helping fellow alcoholics and addicts recover. Upon opening their door to you, they open their hearts.


What can I say about a beautiful building and an even more beautiful group of people who changed my life?

Hi, I'm Rhonda and I'm an alcoholic. I have suffered from alcoholism for most of my adult life. I honestly thought there was little or no hope left for me. Then I found Leipzig Serenity Retreat.

It is almost impossible to describe a place and group of people so dedicated to the health and well being of alcoholics/addicts -- but I will try.

This is what I respect about Leipzig Serenity Retreat:

  1. It is owned and run by recovering alcoholics/addicts (with many years of sobriety) who have more than book knowledge -- they have lived the life of addiction and recovery.
  2. The building and grounds themselves truly are gorgeous. It was once a convent and hadn't been used in years. Purchased by Dan, Ardyth and Gary, with long hours of painstaking labout and loving hands was turned into a place of healing and love for alcoholics and addicts. It upholds its name of "serenity" retreat.
  3. It is not institutionalized. You have the privacy of your own bedroom (with a comfortable bed). Rules are minimual and made for the common welfare of all. The food is awesome (thanks Joy.)
  4. Most important of all, I learned about the 12 step program which not only gave me the tools to stay sober, but taught me about myself and how to begin living life on life's terms.

I entered Leipzig on August 15th, 2010. I was broken with little or no self esteem or pride left. That day changed my life in so many positive ways. As long as I use what I learned at Leipzig, I have the chance each day at a life even better than I had dreamed of.

If you have the desire and are willing to get better and need help as I did, I would sincerely recommend Leipzig Serenity Retreat as a place of recovery.

Rhonda, 2010

On my arrival a the Retreat Center, it was a dark and lonely evening. A time of fear and loneliness as I leave my vehicle {to enter} this huge and doubtful building.

Upon arrival I was greetied with so much warmth right off the bat!! It was late, so I pretty much was escorted to my quarters to reside for what was going to be my home for the next five weeks.

Being the shy person I have been all my life, I was immediately struck by so much love, guidance and co-operatiion from staff and clients.

I wasn't left in a corner to find my own ways, but always had someone to answer my questions.

There is no doubt in my mind why this place was chosen to become a place of healing. The creaking of the floors tell God that another new client is discovering the new and exciting surroundings. He/she has come to find, make or receive a brand new meaning to what life is really all about.

I will be leaving here a totally fresh and GRATEFUL person with the knowledge I've receied through the guidance and support from Dan and Artdyth. I never once have been pushed aside for my answers or concerns. I was here for a reason and they were here to fix that reason!!

The sessions I have had brought great meaning and understanding to myself. Not a day of sessions with Dan and Ardyth went by that I didn't receive a handful, or for that matter, a whole world full of the truth and understanding of ME.

It is so hard to imagine how you three started this foundation out, being users yourself. It is incredible how God knows his followers to put them in their place.

The only regret I really ever has was the room tempurature -- being a little chilly sometimes! But then again, it wasn't long before I has a warm sweat-shirt to throw on for those chilly nights when the north wind would bounce the curtains around the windows!

I think I really found my savior with the picture I had in my room. This piece of art brought me such great power and strength each morning and evening when I walked out of or into my room.

Another rewarding peice of knowledge was being involved with A.A. Without their miraculous and solid group and their rewarding inputs and the thing they share [and their willingness] to listen to our sorrows or happiess in an anonymous atmosphere. Once again, this will really give me the encouragement to become the real me that I know I can be.

Scott, SK

My name is Dewayne. My stay at Leipzig was great. The people here are very kind hearted, loving and caring people. The program was great and very understandable and I would work at my own page.

This place made me open up my eyes to a better outlook on life. When I first came here, I was very welcome and when I left, I felt very close to them. (Just like family!)

So if you get a chance to stay at Leipzig, I would grab that chance and run with it. I would do it again and again if I could. It is a great experience.

Sincerely, Dewayne September 30, 2010

Leipzig Serenity Retreat turned out to be much more than I expected. Comprehensive 12 Step work combined with relaxing daily meditation within a comfortable, friendly atmosphere made my stay a genuinely positive experience.

Kevin, 2011

Dear Ardyth,

It was so nice talking with you this morning. I can hardly believe that another year is closing -- and what a year it has been. If someone had told me at the beginning of 2009 what kind of things I would be dealing with, I would have told them they were crazy. Anyway, I want to thank you again for all that you did for both my daughter and I last spring -- you gave us both an insight into how things like alcoholism and the undercurrents causing it can sneak up on people and ruin their lives unless they choose to break the chain.

I am very proud of my daughter and the year that she had and often think back to the darkest night in my life when we were out searching the bars in the city and wonder how on earth we got through the whole episode. I am always so thankful that you were there to help us and if there is anything we can do to help, let me know. Your service to people from across this country is more valuable than many realize.

Attached is a donation for you to use in any way necessary. Happy New Years to you all and may God always be with you.


To the Next Occupant of this Room (This note was discovered in a desk drawer at the retreat.)

Welcome. You have come to an excellant place to begin a better life. If you are anything like I was, you may be a little nervous and not certain what to expect. You need not worry. You are among great people. If you're here it means you do want help. Take it from me, you could not ask for better people to take this journey with. Just listen to what they have to say. There is an unimaginable wealth of knowledge here. If you want to success they will help you get the tools you need to do this. Just keep an open mind. I know they helped me greatly. There were times that I felt like leavvng but I am grateful I didn't. If you ever need to talk to someone you don't have to look far for good advice or for someone to just listen to what you have to say. Soneone to tell you what you need to hear. You don't have to listen to me or believe me, time and you yourself will see you have come to the right place. Here I found a peace and serenity within myself that I forgot existed. Keep this, throw it away, pass it on. Whatever you chose, just keep in mind the things I've said because they truly helped me here. Congratulations on a new beginning.

Cory, 2010

If you are willing to trust that they know from personal and professional experience that this program works then this is the place for you. My journey throught the steps and the program here was not without hard work. I gained insight into some seemingly scary parts of myself that I had never dared go.I wasn't alone with Ardyth, Dan, Gary and Joy as my guides. My journey was emotional, fulfilling, rewarding and enlightening and absolutely changed my outlook on life. I realized I was worth the work. For me the journey continues. This was only the begining of a path to a beautiful new life of sobriety and possibility.

Susan, SK

Hi, my name is Brian. I am 51 years old. For the past 6 yrs I was in the darkest days of my addiction. I turned family away and refused to go to treatment, partly because of stubbornness and partly because of fear. I thought at my age I had seen it all and there was nothing I could learn. Boy was I wrong. Here is a quick re-cap of my surrender. I finally realized if I did not get help I would die and I truly did not want to die. I went to my loving family and told them I need help. I then told work and my UnionHall of 31 years I need proffessional help. They were unbelievably supportive of my actions. Drug and Alcohol Refferal line found me Leipzig. But before I went to Leipzig I was a pallbearer for my Uncle at his funeral, so as you can imagine I was a nervous wreck when I got to Leipzig, but when I got there the staff and clients made me feel so very welcome. I then knew right away that I would be Ok. It felt very much like a safe family environment. To sum up my 5 weeks at Leipzighere are some of my thoughts. I came to Leipzig a broken and shattered man, a man with no direction, no values, no goals, and no dreams. But with the loving and caring guidance of Dan, Ardyth and Gary I truly feel I'm leaving a man with direction, values, goals and dreams. If one word could describe my experience at Leipzig it would be HOPE!!! With life there is hope and with hope there is life.To all the staff - Keep up the life saving work. Words cannot describe my gratitude and thanks.

Brian, Sylvan Lake, AB

When I came to this place, I didn't lose my house, job or all my friends, but what I did lose was myself. My rock bottom was "being sick and tired of being sick and tired". What Dan, Ardyth and Gary and other clients have done for me is more than I could ever have imagined. Coming here, I had no clue what the twelve Step Program was. As I was taken through the steps, my life started changing for the good. Now that I am done, I have learned the importance of the 12 Steps to recovery. It is not something you do just in treatment, but through life which makes you a good person -- as long as you are "Honest, Open Minded, and Willing. That is H.O.W. it works!

Cory B. Niagara Falls, Ontario

I have to thank Ardyth, Dan and Gary for having me at Leipzig Serenity Retreat. "Serenity" it sure is! Peaceful and Calm. The 12 Steps have given me the tools to Recovery.

Recovery depends on how we use those tools one day at a time. The 12 Steps have given us two things in life:

  1. A NEW ROAD -- that my/our Higher Power has mapped out for us to follow through prayer and meditation daily.
  2. A NEW LIFE -- The 12 Steps brings us a new way of life, they give us benefitts -- no longer practicing our addiction to the self-esteem that comes from ego. Knowing that we are taking care of ourselves and growing spiritually with and through a higher power.

The 12 Step program is like breathing. In order to live, we have to breath in and out; we have to inhale and exhale. Recovery is the same way; we inhale the message of the 12 Steps and then exhale to make room for the next breath. We all enjoy the fresh air of Recovery that many of us have enjoyed. Thanks Artyth, Dan and Gary. All the Best.

Gary V, Ontario

Serenity Retreat, a more apt name you will be hard pressed to find. From the first moment I stepped through the doors I felt surounded by peace, warmth and comfort. It was here that I met the people who were to be my guides, mentors and yes, my friends....Dan,Ardyth, Gary, and Joy.

It was here that I began an incredible journey that will last me the rest of my life. It has been a journey of discovery. I have found within myself a person who I am proud of sharing with my family and friends. I have learned to smile and to laugh, to share, to shed tears. I am so grateful to have people in my life who cared enough to bring me to Serenity Retreat.

There is a poem on the wall that promises that every one of us will find our own special spot here... I found mine.

Michael (Mike) M

As with any kind of illness, an initial prerequisite to achieving treatment for addiction demands sincere empathy. Even trained workers disqualify themselves if they have inate prejudice towards addiction and the alcoholic or addict. A study was done why an institutional program was not working. The program apparently included all the ingredients necessary to a successful operation. It was learned that it was the antipathy of the personnel to the patients that was at fault. Other studies have indicated that more important than medication, the place, kind of source of treatment, is the attitude, empathy and technique of those concerned with the addict/alcoholic that make the difference. Even some recovered addicts/alcoholics, who may present as unsympathetic towards alcoholism or addiction and even intolerant of using or drinking, are useless as care givers for those seeking treatment. I have worked in the "addictions field" for 29 years, and have had the priviledge of being twice now at the Leipzig Retreat God, in His benevolent wisdom has provided three angelic caregivers to extend their love for others. I have met them, and it is indeed inspiring to know that those seeking help at Leipzig will receive warmth and understanding. They will get a golden opportunity to reaffirm their own dignity, in a safe, supportive and loving atmosphere.

Ron Harris

I am writing this letter with an honest and open heart. Before I came to Leipzig I was sick physically and mentally. I had been struggling with alcohol for years. It never got better, just worse and worse. I tried to stop on my own, but couldn't. I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. I hurt my family, friends and everyone around me. Finding Leipzig and doing the 12 Step program is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can manage my life now. I am healthy physically and mentally. I am happy and sober. Thanks to Leipzig and my Higher Power. I will always be thankful for Dan, Gary and Ardyth's hospitality. It was a home away from home and still is.

Miriam, S

For the past ten years of my life I have struggled with this disease of addiction. Until I met Dan & Ardyth & Gary out at Leipzig I thought I was a hopeless case. They taught me different. They taught me how to deal with my feelings, my resentments and basically how to deal with life on life's terms. They taught me how to be honest with others and most of all myself.. I wouldn't have been able to do this alone, Leipzigsaved my life. I now have healthy relationships with my family that I never had before and healthy relationships with people in the program. The greatest thing about this place is that whenever I feel the need to get away I'm always welcome here! This is like my home, my family and I will be forever grateful to the people I have met through this.

Krista, Biggar, SK

I have been trapped in the cycle of addiction for many years. I have been to other treatment centers, and tried to get into recovery several times. This all changed when I came to Leipzig Serenity Retreat, where I was able to put the pieces of my life back together, the pieces that have been missing for such a long time. Leipzig taught me another way to live my life, in recovery. If you have an open mind and are truly willing to trust in this Program, you will be amazed at the power of this Program. The people here treat you like family, and really do care about you and your sobriety. They understand. They know what it takes to stay clean and sober, and how to achieve this goal everyday. There is something spiritual and healing about this building, the people , and the program, that is difficult to put into words. Rather, it needs to be experienced. I am here to tell you, this Program has changed my life. I have been able to slow down and find happiness in my life. I have the tools to stay clean and sober every day, so I can enjoy all life has to offer.

Mark M. Alberta

I have seldom felt so sincerely thankful and blessed that my spouse found Leipzig Serenity Retreat. Our life together has come from darkness to light, from chaos to peace, from desperation and despair to hope for our future. He was open and willing to everything this intensive treatment program had to offer, and it has changed our life spiritually, mentally and emotionally forever. This is not your typical Treatment Center, with your typical counselors. This is a place which needs to be experienced to understand the power of the program. It is very apparent these people are sincerely dedicated to the healing process for recovering alcoholics and addicts. Beyond their loving and caring nature, they have extensive knowledge and personal experience, and a strong desire to share that with others. If your spouse went to Leipzig Serenity Retreat, they would not be treated as a "client", they would be treated as a person who wants and needs help managing their disease.


My stay at Leipzig Serenity Retreat -

It was very comfortable, I enjoyed my time.

I learnt how the program works.

The owners make you feel welcome.

I am going to take what I learned and use it.

Kim, Sudbury, Ontario

My stay at Leipzig saved my life. You see I came here on my own, broken, and in a glimmer of hope that this last attempt would be the answer. I'm no newcomer to trying to sober up which made it real hard to think I could make it at all. The staff and the 12 Step studying class gave me hope. The hugs got me through the sad times. The 12 Steps gave me the tools to start living "life on life's terms" and the cook kept my belly full (yummy). Oh yeah I even got the opportunity to help out with physical projects which was very healing for me.

  • Unconditional love - feeding my heart
  • One on one teaching - feeding my mind
  • Nutrition - feeding my belly
  • Physical - feeding my soul

Oh yah - thanks to the black lab "Buddy" our walks around there - the sunsets and overall breathtaking view!

Victoria - Winnipeg, Mb.

I have known Ardyth and Dan for about 2 years now. I'm 42 years old and have been fighting the disease of addiction for about 6 years. I first came to Leipzig Sask. in September of 2008 desperate for some help. I only stayed for 3 1/2 weeks and left against the advice early. I returned back in February and am now staying for a longer term. I was welcomed back and now enjoy the privilege of helping restore the building in exchange for a healthy environment. Also I'm learning how to live sober and happy. I am forever grateful.

Peter - Leipzig, Sk.

As I look back on my time at Leipzig many thoughts come to mind. First and foremost, how I felt so welcomed and at home within the first couple of hours. Everybody from the staff and other clients have allowed me into their lives with stories from the past, to their goals in recovery. Which made me feel very comfortable sharing my stories. It is kinda like we all became such close friends that we had known forever. The staff and people I have met here will always hold a very special place in my heart. Without them I would not be leaving Leipzig a sober, accepting, and giving man ready to take on the future with a new outlook on life and a happiness I have not felt in years. Everyone here is exceptional at what they do and I recommend this place to anyone that is ready to start their journey in recovery and sobriety. Thank you and I will never forget this place as long as I live.

John D. Ontario

My life became unmanageable and I was headed down a path of self destruction. If I kept going the way I was going I stood to lose not only my life, but my family and everything dear to me. I needed to find a place quick and I couldn't wait 6 more weeks to get into a treatment center. With the help from my wife and my creator, I was guided out to Leipzig Serenity Retreat. It is an 8 hr drive from my home, so I took a chance and jumped in the truck with my wife and off we went. I didn't know where we were going and little did I know it was in the middle of nowhere. When we got to Leipzig I had a lot of fear of staying, because it was an old convent. There was a man here who made me feel at ease and told me to give it a chance. So I did and I'm happy to say it was the best desicion I ever made in my life. I have a relationship with my creator that I never had before. The people here are like family, and they only want the best for you. I came here a boy inside a man's body and I left here a man. Thank you Leipzig Serenity Retreat. Thank you Great Spirit.

Joe, Alberta

Thank you for Everything! There is no amount of thanks I can say, for the acceptance I have felt on my visit here. You have all helped me in ways that are undescribable. As Joe would say, I came here a boy, and I'm leaving here a man. Thank you for being here for me when I needed someone to talk to. Thank you for helping me in my time of need. My time here has brought me much needed happiness in my life. I feel I have become a better man, and ready for whatever life throws my way. I am happy, and privileged to have such wonderful people like you in my life, and you all have a special place in my heart.You'll Always Be In My Thoughts!

Doug, Alberta

As I complete my treatment at Leipzig I reflect on the last 5 weeks. Arriving afraid, ashamed, burdened with guilt and remorse. Feeling like nobody could possibly understand how beaten down I was feeling. Here they told me they understood, bought kleenex by the case and asked me to trust that they knew what they were doing and what would work best for me. How on earth could these seemingly average looking people with no phd's in psychiatry or credentials behind their names possibly help someone as "unique & complicated" as me. Well... turned out I wasn't that unique and their program was a simple one and had worked well for many "complicated" people, themselves included. If you are willing to trust that they know from personal and professional experience that this program works then this is the place for you. My journey throught the steps and the program here was not without hard work. I gained insight into some seemingly scary parts of myself that I had never dared go. I wasn't alone with Ardyth, Dan, Gary and Joy.

Susan K

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