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How we are Different

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  1. We practice and model a culture of respect both within the workplace and towards our clients. We are not an authority, rather a partner and leader on the healing journey.
  2. We recognize that each person is equal in value, and different in function. We feel that retaining the equality of value is paramount to our successes personally, professionally and in life in general.
  3. We recognize that people are not their disease – the disease is only a small part of a much larger identity. We promote healing so that disease is replaced by recovery in our personal identities.
  4. We take a different approach to the disease of addiction and do things differently (not necessarily better or worse, but different). Our Focus is Life in Recovery.
  5. We respect and appreciate the invaluable experience that peer professionals and lived experience bring to recovery and delivery of services in our organization. They truly know what really works and doesn’t work, firsthand, and a vital part of our professional team.
  6. We understand the importance of connecting clients to a sober community life, something that others (not in recovery) cannot do. Connecting to and growing each persons’ sober community is their true support system for the rest of their life.
  7. We understand that people matter and are a necessary part of long-term recovery. Going it alone is very hard and inevitably wrought with failure.
  8. We really do care and demonstrate that through word, action and deed.
    We know that a successful life in recovery includes understanding that Fun Matters. Fun creates joy which maintains a hope for tomorrow.
  9. We understand that the ability to hope for a better tomorrow is what fuels us to succeed through what may be the “tough stuff” experienced today. It is our currency for tomorrow.
  10. Life in Recovery is defined by an improvement in one’s personal mental health, physical health and quality of life. These are things to continually celebrate.
  11. Practicing and adopting these principles is the cornerstone of our success which has resulted in most of our clients remaining sober – and those that actually experience a slip or relapse will return, minimizing the damage that is done in relapse.
  12. Continuing to grow and develop more and more pockets of sober communities throughout our province by our Outreach department only enhances individuals’ lives in recovery.

This is why “Healing Happens Here”

Healing Happens Here

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