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It is completely normal for our clients, their families and loved ones to have questions before entering treatment. Our FAQ page can help clarify things and answer any questions you may have so that you know what to expect! Can’t find the answer to a question? Contact us anytime at 1-888-519-4445.

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How much does it cost?

We want to help you change your outlook, your behavior and your life. We do not have a pool or tennis court, and our prices reflect that. We consider ourselves to be a Recovery Retreat, with the focus on healing and life in recovery.

Our program and treatment costs are, on average, less than other private Canadian treatment facilities. Contact us for specific program costs.

How do I sign up for treatment?
Contact us today and book your space into an upcoming program. A deposit is required to hold the bed and may be paid by Visa, Mastercard or e-transfer.
Can I book a loved one into treatment?
It is often the family member, scared and feeling helpless or frustrated that reaches out and helps book a client into treatment. Most often, they are at the ends of their rope- both emotionally and financially. While this step is taken by a loved one, it is necessary that the addict/alcoholic is willing and able to participate. For it will be those individuals who must put in the work- by having an open mind, be truthful and honest about their addictions and actions and be self-aware of what their addiction has done to their lives and the lives of their loved ones.
They are in treatment, so now what?
It is important that the family understand that their loved one will not be “cured”. Coming to treatment is a tool for the addict/alcoholic to learn about their addictions, actions and what they will need to do to gain long term sobriety. Often, parents of adult children and spouses are hopeful that treatment will fix long seated behaviors such as lying and stealing. While our program will address behaviors such as these and offer up honest advice and new strategies for sober living, it is up to the client to change their course, make amends and correct their old behaviors.
If I paid, shouldn't I be able to get regular updates and know how they are doing?
While many family members, friends and spouses often foot the bill of treatment, clients legally have the right to privacy and that information is not ours to share. Technically, the addict/alcoholic is our client, regardless of who paid for treatment. We have no obligation to the parents, spouses, children or loved ones who call. The client MUST sign a release of information, naming specific individuals for us to release such private information. Often the client does not want this breach in privacy- they do not want the specifics of such a personal experience to be shared until they are ready to share it themselves. Clients do have access to a telephone and have opportunity to relay messages to loved ones. We ask that you give your loved one the space and time- it is a long, painful process with lots of reflection and work!
Are clients allowed visitation and/or to make phone calls?
Yes, clients are able to contact friends and family. We have a private space for clients to make their calls and no calling card is required if calling within Canada.. Unsupervised telephone use is restricted until the completion of the first week of group therapy so that the client has a chance to settle in before reaching out.
How do I contact my loved one in treatment?
Prairie Sky Recovery honours our client’s legal and ethical rights to privacy and anonymity. As such, we cannot confirm someone’s presence at our Centre. We CANNOT accept phone messages for your loved one – this would include questions from spouses, well wishes, return phone calls, etc as doing so would break their confidentiality.

If you need to contact your loved one for reasons such as signing insurance documents, legal reasons, doctor’s appointments, etc. please use our email Contact form.

We suggest letters, cards, words of encouragement and well wishes to be sent via mail to our mailing address Box 535, Wilkie, SK S0K 4W0.

It is important to know that our staff are not trying to withhold your loved one or be rude by not passing along messages or sharing information. It is simply our way of protecting your loved one’s privacy and anonymity.

Clients have access to a telephone after their first week of therapy and will call you when ready.

What if we paid all this money and they relapse or are asked to leave?
It is important that the addict/alcoholic is willing and able to participate and ready for change as old behaviors and ways of living are hard to break. The average Canadian addict/alcoholic goes through treatment many times before they stay clean and sober. Some reasons people relapse after treatment are:

  • They weren’t open to treatment in the first place and only came under pressure or duress from friends and family. That is why it is crucial that the addict/alcoholic made the decision on their own. They must be fully committed to their own sobriety for their own reasons.
  • They are dealing with unreal expectations from themselves or loved ones. No one will be cured, and sobriety doesn’t happen overnight. Discussing aftercare, family expectations and setting realistic goals are a must!
  • Some clients return to their old lives, old friends and do not make the recommended changes that are needed. They sometimes believe that their only problem was drinking and decide that they can handle drugs or vice versa. They must be willing to use the tools given to them such as utilizing meetings or sponsors and make the recommended changes such as leaving unhealthy friends or jobs before they can expect real sobriety to stick.

If they are asked to leave, it is important to understand that many addicts/alcoholics are intimidated by the work intensive programming, and it is hard for them to take an honest look at their lives and addictions. It would be a challenge for anyone, even sober, healthy people to share their lives with others. Many want to focus on anything but the program and will sometimes revert to old, unhealthy behaviors such as anger, anxiety and deflection.

If your loved one is asked to leave it is because serious house rules were broken, or we felt that they were jeopardizing others safety or their own. Because people in addictions often have mental health issues as well, it is important that our staff have a clear, full picture of the client’s mental and emotional health. Due to the intense nature of our work, the hours of counselling, administrative work and support staff needed to counsel and house your loved one, refunds are not given.

Our staff genuinely want to help our clients and will do our very best to help them succeed! Please read our testimonials to see the success, happiness and sobriety of our clients!

How long has Prairie Sky Recovery been in operation?
We began operation and renovations in 2008 and have been accepting paid clients since January of 2009. In that time, we have had over 1400 clients through our programs.
Where is Prairie Sky Recovery Centre located?

Prairie Sky Recovery Centre is located 15 minutes South of Wilkie, Saskatchewan, in the Hamlet of Leipzig. Map

We are 1.5 hours west of Saskatoon and 45 minutes south of North Battleford, SK. Contact us and we can send you detailed directions.

Where is the nearest Airport?

The nearest airport is Saskatoon International Airport (YXE).

For clients flying into Saskatoon International Airport (YXE), arrangements to have you picked up and transported to PSR can be made. Contact us with your flight details to book a pick-up from the airport. Please note there is an additional charge for this service.

Is there support for families?

Yes. We offer a two-day Family Care Enhancement Program. Details of this program can be found under our program section. This program is open to the friends or family that will be supporting the client after completion and is provided at no additional charge. Healthy and informed families are an important piece of the client’s recovery.

Is there an after care or continuing care plan developed?

Yes, clients complete a Recovery Maintenance Action Plan prior to their completion. We are always available for contact with any past client, and we encourage them to remain in regular contact with us. We also provide resources for addicts as part of their exit planning from treatment. Continued contact through our virtual portal and outreach department is available. Attendance at our in-house open AA and NA meeting, alumni events and alumni meetings held in various Saskatchewan communities is also available.

Does the facility also offer outpatient physician and therapy services?
We have access to all health services offered within our Saskatchewan healthcare system. This includes Physicians, Dentists, Registered Massage Therapists, Chiropractic care, Psychologists, and other therapists.
How much therapy do clients receive?

Due to the small and intimate class size, our clients receive approximately five hours of group therapy daily. Our counsellors are also available for individual sessions whenever required or requested by the client. Clients also attend three 12 Step meetings on a weekly basis.

Are there staff on site 24/7?
Staff are always onsite and available.
Can we have a tour of the facility prior to admission?

Yes, we welcome anyone who asks for a tour. Contact us to arrange a tour.

What does PSR specialize in?

We specialize in Addictions Recovery Treatment. We follow the 12 Step philosophy of AA/NA, and provide an extensive Emotional Health and Wellness program. This program explores many of the root causes of addiction including such things as self-esteem issues, negative core beliefs, and biased expectations which in turn helps clients to define their own morals, values and beliefs. We also do meditation and mindfulness practices that help clients slow down their racing thoughts. The Pre-Program readiness Social Detox Program is for people who arrive early and helps to address any resistance to coming into treatment.

As a client what should I bring with me to Prairie Sky Recovery?
  • An open mind and positive attitude.
  • Enough comfortable casual clothing for a week (Laundry soap and dryer sheets provided).
  • Shoes are required indoors; our hardwood floors and marble staircase can be hard on the legs. Crocs or runners are recommended (No Flip Flops).
  • Weather appropriate clothing and footwear for outdoor activities.
  • In summer, sunscreen and bug spray.
  • We supply pillows and bedding, but you are welcome to bring a blanket or pillow of your own if you like.
  • Toiletries, shaving kit, hair dryer, your normal bathroom items such as shampoo, toothpaste, alcohol free mouthwash and soap.
  • Canteen spending money for pop, snacks, cigarettes, etc.
  • List of relevant phone numbers you may need during your stay.
  • Health care card and Photo ID
  • Supply of any prescribed medications in the original bottle/packaging only. Bubble packed if possible. (Any prescription refills must come from your family doctor) All prescription and non-prescription medications must be turned over to the staff upon arrival.
  • Musical instruments or other hobby/leisure pursuits such as drawing, knitting, etc.
What clients should not bring to Prairie Sky Recovery?
  • Please do not bring Cellphones/Smartphones, ipod, ipad, or electronics of any kind, You will not be permitted use any personal electronic devices during your stay.
  • Nail Polish, cologne, perfume, hairspray or any item that contains alcohol.
  • Revealing clothing, clothing with offensive slogans.
  • Work out supplements or energy drinks.


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