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About Starlight House

This 3000 square foot house, built in 1917, was recently renovated to house our female clients in a safe, secure home that’s all their own. The space was developed into four shared rooms with two beds each, one staff room, one single room, and one dedicated family room for children’s visitation.

There is also a facilitation space for the female clients to work on programs built specifically to address issues many of our female clients have faced, such as Intimate Partner Violence, Sexual Abuse, Parenting in Recovery, Financial Literacy, Healthy Boundaries, and Anger Management. This space will also allow our staff to host workshops on resume building, meal planning, and household budgeting. A beautiful, bright kitchen and large living room round out the main floor.

starlight house

Safe Environment

Over the last 14 years, PSR has helped many female clients who have been victims of domestic violence and abuse. Many of our female clients have also lost custody of their children through active addiction. For some, addiction has been a generational curse and they have never had the benefit of a healthy loving home or a safe environment to grow. It is our intention to provide such a space.

Living Room at Starlight House

Programming & Activities

While our female clients will be travelling to our main building throughout the day to attend programming, they will return to their home after class for a number of scheduled activities and meetings. Our Residential Recovery Coach (RRC) will oversee all of their supervision, including evening activities such as movie night, games night (where our clients will learn a host of card and board games to play with their own families), homework time, and gratitude meetings.

The unique space is meant to provide a sense of security and privacy for our female clients- and a place to call their own.

Family Reunification

Family Reunification is a big element of this house. It is our intention to host supervised weekend visits between our clients and their children. Often, the return of the children after having a period of separation can be scary for both mom and kids. This allows the client to have support and time to get reacquainted with their children while in early sobriety.

The family room will be outfitted with bunk beds, a single bed, and a playpen for smaller children. It is our intention that the children will have a safe, comfortable environment to come to while mom is still in treatment. 

Staffing will include a full-time registered social worker to support case planning for family reunification, long-term housing, and working in conjunction will legal and/or child and family services.

Starlight House Children's bedroom


Healing Happens Here

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